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Ariel & Pling: Mad Girls In The Meadow

This is a very strange set to write up. (And, in fact, as Ariel just said over my shoulder "it is a very strange set. Period!")

Ariel and Pling both had some idea for this set where they were chained together as damsels in pure white flowing dresses. The light was lovely, the metalwork looked great, and the girls looked gorgeous. But I think Ariel was acting out her fantasy, and Pling was acting out hers, and they didn't really tell each other what was going on!

So we are left with two very beautiful, but possibly quite mad, girls chained together barefoot in the meadow. Maybe they'd escaped from the local asylum, but I don't know that theat's very sexy! So I think you'll have to make up your own story for this one... or maybe I can get Ariel and Pling to explain just what, exactly, they were thinking?

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