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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Getting Carried Away

Merry Xmas!!!

Ariel's decided that the best present you can get this year is a wrapped up and neatly packaged slavegirl, so she's tying herself up ready for dispatch to your door. So she's planning on getting carried away by some nice strong postman to the delivery van... and in the meantime, she seems to be getting more than a little carried away with the bondage, too! Exactly how much does she look like she is enjoying that crotchrope???

Ariel is nearly packed up ready for dispatching to her new owener- but as always, the trouble with self-bondage is tying the last knot. I think someone might just give her a helping hand to finish off, tying her wrists and elbows tight together behind her back... and playing with those oh-so-tight nipple clamps just in passing.
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