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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Sunset, Cornfields and Crotchropes

At our location shoot at the little castle in the Summer, we were really happy to find a big open field within a short walk of the property. And since it was absolutely BOILING hot, it was particularly lovely to go out in the evening, just as the light was beginning to fade (and it was finally, blessedly, getting a little bit cooler) and shoot in the field at dusk. I wanted to have a go at some of the bondage, and since there weren't any other models around that evening, I volunteered to model my own ropework. I particularly like to tie my own crotchropes, which can be unbearably torturous if you let the wrong person (HYWEL) near them. So I made myself some pretty, decorative bondage, and hoped someone would photograph me.

Sadly, Kate thought that a) There wasn't really enough restraint and b) I was wearing too many accessories. This rather ruined my CONCEPT, in which I'd been imagining being Tyra Banks creating an America's Next Top Model photoshoot. So while Kate added some actual proper ropework and stole my hairslide (big meany) I resolved to pretend that it wasn't a bondage shoot at all, and just model as though I was doing a fashion story for a magazine. This is tricky to pull off, especially with no clothes on. And I'm not altogether sure that I succeeded...

Naturally I ended up forgetting my concept altogether, so I just stopped worrying and enjoyed the bondage. And it really was lovely, rolling around in a field, entirely nude (except for my necklace) and completely helpless, as the sun gradually sank below the horizen and I imagined that perhaps no one would untie my at the end of the session... I don't think English farmland holds any particular dangers at night, but the dry grass really was awfully scratchy, and my arms were beginning to get terribly tired from the really-rather-strict elbows-together tie... I think it was the fear of being left there that makes me look so smiley in the last few shots. I do like being scared, and I discovered I also really enjoyed getting covered in earth and bits of straw. I love location shoots!


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