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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Human Lawnmower

Oh Lordy. If a set was my idea, Hywel often asks me to write the text to accompany it. Now, I often have ideas for things I want to do for pictures, and more often than not (a LOT more often than not) they're based on whatever fantasies are going round in my head at the time. Shooting my fantasies doesn't make me feel particularly exposed - weirdly really, because exposed is often exactly what I am. But writing about the fantasy often makes me feel very shy indeed. Perhaps exposing what's going on in my mind feels harder because I'm not so used to it. Anyway, this set was definitely my idea and I enjoyed shooting it very much because it included a number of current fantasies.

Firstly, I've always loved split-crotch bloomers. I really like the combination of being very covered up but also very exposed. And I just like feeling slightly Victorian because there really was just so much cruelty towards domestic staff in those days. So the idea of being sent out, in my underwear to cut the grass as a punishment is very hot for me. Hooray! I while we were shooting, I was imaging horse-drawn carriages being driven by, with top-hatted gentlemen gazing down on me and being awfully amused and contemptuous. Joy!

Secondly, ever since I read about soldiers being punished by having to clean floors with a toothbrush, I've been fantasising about being made to perform menial chores with the wrong, undersized, equipment. How humiliating! So cutting grass with scissors seemed perfect. I kind of wanted to carry on for longer than we really needed to for the shoot. Mmmmm.

Thirdly, I just love being made to do things with my mouth instead of my hands. So I decided this poor Victorian maid should fall asleep while cutting the grass, and be made to complete the task by cutting the grass with her teeth.

Three fantasies is one - it made for a very sexy shoot for me, and a very embarrassing set to have to write about. Urgh. I hope you enjoy it - I'm going to hide under the desk in shame for a while...


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