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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Repossessed WAG

Ariel did not love football. She knew that's what her boyfriend did, but she didn't listen much when he talked about it. She did love her house though. Every item had been lovingly chosen by her, and she liked nothing better than staying home to appreciate it. Which explains how she managed to miss the whole team-relegation drama. She knew something was wrong with her boyfriend, but she'd been busy reading a chandelier catalogue, so nothing had really sunk in. The first thing Ariel knew was when a group of big men turned up to repossess the house, and her with it!

Hywel's Note: if you aren't up with that particular bit of slang "WAG" means "wives and girlfriends", and in the UK is used for that particular selection of wives and girlfriends who are currently attached to vastly-overpaid soccer players :-)

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