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Anita deBauch
VIDEO: Ariel & Anita - Girl With Camera

Every model knows about the annoying photographer who isn't really interested in photographs... he's just interested in having a quick perve. There's even an industry standard name for them: GWC, or "guy with camera". But even Ariel wasn't quite expecting her shoot today to turn into a close encounter with "girl with camera"! The photographer kept standing too close, taking explicit angles, asking personal questions- and she seems VERY keen on asking ho wthe bondage feels!

Maybe the girl with camera should be on the other side of the camera, and tied up for a change? Maybe that will teach her what it is like... and if she starts to enjoy the feeling of being tied up herself, well then... maybe her future is being in the bondage herself rather than taking photos of other girls?

10.41 minutes (233.5 MB zip)

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