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Anita deBauch
Anita: Too Good For This Party

It was quite an elegant party. A nice, house, certainly, although possibly a bit bling for her tastes. Nice guests, mostly, although possibly not the top flight congescenti. It was all just a little bit beneath her, especially when her Master informed her that she would be doing an hour on display just like all the other slavegirls. Chains first, collar, shackles and leg irons, of course. The impeccable SM factory ones that he'd had custom made for her. Somehow it all seemed a little bit beneath her dignity.

Which was an attitude that the guests certainly picked up on, given the additional indignities they chose to pile on to her. Perhaps to punish her, perhaps to bring her down a peg or two, or possibly just to give her something else to think about... the nipple clamps seemed to accomplish all three! And the ballgag finally silenced her sotto voce grumbling...

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