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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Heavy Metal Ballgag

Ariel is in quite a predicament! Not just tied in a painfully strict strappado to the pole, which is forcing her onto her tiptoes, but she also has a heavy stainless steel ballgag in her mouth. And the ball is not held in by straps as it usually would be- but by Ariel just holding in herself. Which she is strongly motivated to do, because the ballgag is connected by a chain to her nipple clamps, and one thing she definitely does NOT want is to let it drop! That would just be super-painful....

This photo set was the fiendish inspiration of Eric, a Restrained Elegance member who came to one of our photo tutorials a while ago. He's got the creative itch to shoot some more bondage photos, so he flew over for a couple of days to put Ariel through her paces! He kindly agreed to let us put the photos up on RE for everyone to enjoy!

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