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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Noveau Riche

Oh yah dahrling, it is so cheap! I know, it is out of the way, how will we get to Wimbledon? But the current owner is some dried up old prune of a maiden aunt, makes tutting noises at short skirts I should think. Just because she isn't getting any. She should get some treatments for that face I think. Well, I might consider it. It is a bit of a dump, though, hardly worth a million. What's that? Hey, get off me! You can't do that!

Hywel's note: Ariel does seems to love playing these spoilt rotten characters, doesn't she? :-) Parenthetically, I'm sorry that the technical quality of these images is a bit below the normal RE standard. On this location trip we'd wanted to go back to shooting photosets with more of a roaming, storytelling feel, and we wondered if one way to achieve this was to try shooting in natural light at higher ISOs, using my Canon instead of the medium format camera (which is extremely light hungry- I rate it at about ISO 80).

The answer is that yes, it is possible to do, but it does result in less detailed images with a bit more grit and grain. That really suits some of the storylines we shot (the grimy film-noir-ish ones, especially the ones I'd planned for washed out colours or black and white looks). It isn't so suitable for golden light evening warmth, where I find myself really missing the crispness of the Hasselblad.

So, lesson learned- the action is hot, and Ariel looks stunning, but I don't think the photographic style quite meshes with the storyline in the way that I'd wanted. Next time, I'll cart the lights with us as we go through the house and catch it all on medium format.

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