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Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith: The Butler and the Princess

Spoilt brat Princess Sophia gets put in her place by her Butler!

Hywel's Note: sometimes you shoot a set and there's been a technical problem which you don't spot at the time. For this set, the focus is consistently off. I'm not sure why- it was just this one set. Probably means the lens wasn't seated correctly. Since it was also shot at high ISO using available light in what are always challenging situations, add in some camera shake and subject movement and the results are not up to our usual technical standards.

I always have a dilemma with these sets. Do I put up more of the shots, accepting the technical issues, or do I cut them right down to the few which are more-or-less acceptably sharp? This time I've decided to put up a few more of the flawed shots because at least you can see what Sophia's doing (and what's she's doing is, of course, great- the errors were all mine). Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as part of our Xmas present of bonus updates, even though they're not technically up to our usual standards!

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