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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: The Monogamous Slut

When we shoot on location, Ariel always keeps a little "shoot diary" listing the names and ideas for all the sets we shot. For some reason, she called this one "Great Big Slut". I think what she means is that she's playing a character who likes bondage so much she ties herself up to gets things started in the bedroom. I just couldn't bring myself to have that as the title of the set up there in bold headlines, so I substituted "The Monogamous Slut", which is a title Ariel says she might use if she writes her autobiography one day!

You'll also notice that this set is up as a bonus update rather than a regular one. That's because the technical quality falls a bit short of our usual standard. For some reason, this room was an absolute bugger to light. There were trees and grass outside, which gave a green cast. There were turquoise carpets and curtains, more colour casts, and a mirror which seemed to give an Emerald touch to its reflections. Then there was really dark stained wood, which gave an earthy but warm colour cast to some parts of the room too. I think this was the first set we shot there, and I was struggling to get a lighting pattern I liked. We shot some of it on the Hasselblad with flash lighting but ended up on the Canon shooting with available light, but that turned out to be a mistake. The light levels in the room just weren't bright enough to give crisp results. I learnt- the other sets we shot in that room I either lit with flash in a better way, or we used daylight but only when the light was in the right direction and the sun was out.

But as you can see, despite the technical faffing about, Ariel was having a whale of a time!

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