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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Ransom (Part Two)

Ariel says:

It's such a pleasure to have worked on this project; when Hywel and I first started working together regularly several years ago, we were keen to try shooting some 'darker' movies, with a bit more of an S&M edge than regular Restrained Elegance updates tend to have.

This decision resulted in our shooting 'Long Term Bondage' and 'Bondage Driving School' - both of which were based on fantasies I'd dreamed up. Of course they met a mixed response - some Restrained Elegance members aren't keen on the harder videos we've shot, which is perfectly understandable of course. But over the years we've had contact with a number of members for whom these two projects were very enjoyable and very memorable. And we regularly hear from people asking when we're next planning to shoot something along these lines.

Well, it's never easy to shoot something 'a little bit like what you shot before' because sequels hardly ever work out as well as the original. So we had to put the project on hold until one of us came up with something we had a real urge to do. Fortunately, earlier this year, the idea of this fantasy came into my head, and I immediately became very keen indeed to shoot it. I know that Hywel's already introduced Part One, and Part Two probably doesn't need much in the way of explanation, so I'll just say that I enjoyed it immensely, especially because it involved the use of 3 canes I bought Hywel as an engagement present a couple of years ago, but which we've not really used much up until now. So it was quite an experiment - they were more severe than I'd expected! I really hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it, and I hope that you'll look forward to Part Three, where we got more, errr, experimental ;)

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