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Anita deBauch
Anita: Style and Substance

I love fashion magazines. They're absolutely mad. The pictorials- which the producers obviously think are just THE most stylish and hip thing that anyone has ever done, usually involve a balsa-wood crashed Spitfire in a stately home room with a deadly serious looking model wearing one rubber glove and a dress which doesn't fit her. They're bonkers. I love doing things with the same sort of look and feel, but substituting a gorgeous bound girl like Anita deBauch as the centre of attention. We had great fun shooting this one with Claudia from Falcieri Designs providing the style- naked, with a jewelled bird wing on her head. I think this could catch on! Of course we care about the substance as well as the style, so Ariel tied a good strict position- all Anita could do was shift her weight back or forward, there was no way she was getting untied!

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