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The Elegance Network: Browsing Ariel - Game of Slaves: Naked in the Kitchen
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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Game of Slaves: Naked in the Kitchen

Submissive contest Ariel Anderssen turns up the heat, hoping to please all you nude-in-metal fans on the #GameOfSlaves boards with this stunning photoset naked in the kitchen. You like her? You know where to find more!

#GameOfSlaves on Twitter, follow @RElegance and @ArielAnderssen and right here on!

Hywel's note: actually this set wasn't conceived as a Game of Slaves update particularly- it was Steve's inspiration on our recent photo trip to Cornwall. He wanted to shoot Ariel naked in the five point shackles with wet hair, and a lower-key lighting approach. The pictures are fab, and I realised that we'd spent so much time on the trip thinking about Game of Slaves that we'd subconsciously used most of the elements I was planning on in this set, too. In fact in many ways it's even more like what I was thinking of than the sets we'd already shot, exactly because we'd been refining those ideas set-by-set through the trip. So bizarrely the set which most represents Game of Slaves might be one that wasn't intended to be part of it at all!

So here we go, getting Game of Slaves to a flying start!

54 pics 71.5 MB zip

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