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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: The Dancer At The Ball

Miss Anderssen was surprised and delighted to be invited to one of Mz. Cecovzka's very select, private balls. She knew a few friends from the Royal Ballet who had been invited before, and they were all very tight-lipped about them- but the resulting career boost was obvious for everyone to see! Even a solo contemporary dancer like Ariel surely had a lot to gain! She'd not been to a swanky ball in a year or so, so the first stop was her friend the designer for a truly striking ball gown. Although the collar her friend suggested seemed a bit risque, she said she'd outfitted girls for the Cecovzka ball before and she assured Ariel it would go down a storm. And could she just check something... how close together behind her back could Ariel get her elbows? Oh, very close. No, no reason. Just thinking of some ways to accessorise the gown.

Of course, it all makes sense now. How could she not have realised that she was being invited as a display piece? And her friend's "measuring up" made much more sense when she appeared at the ball herself, rope in hand, ready to put the finishing touches to her work!

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