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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Spankado!

We were shooting on location in Cornwall- Ariel with one unit, Penny with the other. Ariel was with Steve and Kate, I think, although I can never quite remember who was shooting where on these trips.

Parenthetically, all the sets we shoot on these location trips are credited to everyone on the crew. That's partly because the location trips and a collegiate venture, we all pool ideas and suggestions through the week even if we end up splitting into multiple shooting units to take the actual photos we probably all had some input for a lot of the sets. But mostly it is to conceal my poor memory by removing the need for me to remember who was in which unit for which sets on location!

Anyway, I was off with the other unit until the shout out came to come up to the brown bedroom and help out. Normally this call involves me changing batteries, dealing with a dodgy camera issue, fixing a bit of tech, or rearranging the lights because the look isn't right.

So it was a very pleasant surprise to be asked to contribute to the concept of the "spankado" by spanking Ariel's bottom while she was chained in a prone strappado position on the bed. Why yes, I would like to spank your arse with a butter paddle from the kitchen until it glows red, as it happens, Ariel! :-)

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