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Anita deBauch
Anita: Britannia's Throne

If you've ever seen a picture of Britannia, the Romano-British depiction of the goddess of these islands, you'll note she's often depicted sitting on a throne, draped in lovely clingy material which hints at the divine shapeliness beneath. When Claudia of Falcieri Designs was with us for a shoot we decided to do something inspired by that, seeing if Ariel and Claudia could work bondage into a draped outfit, and getting Anita to sit enthroned as our Roman Goddess. I wish we'd had a Corinthian helmet to complete the ensemble- we just had to make do with a bit gag!

It's a bit of an ongoing project for me to figure out how to combine flowing, draped fabric with bondage. The trick is how to retain the overall flow of the material without compromising on the effectiveness of the restraint. This one is deceptively inescapable- any well-tied reverse prayer anchored at shoulder and waist is tricky to get out of, and classic damsel legs work reasonably well over the fabric, although without the cinch they're not as secure as I'd like. With shiny fabric and determined struggling I think Anita could have wiggled free of the ankle rope given a bit of time, and the knee rope might well have fallen down in the process. Need to do a few more experiments. Now, where is the nearest bondage model to experiment upon...? :-)

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