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Natalia Forrest
Natalia and Penny: I'll Do You A Deal - Kidnapped Bond Traders

Natalia and Penny both work on the trading floor at Wolfstone Shackley, a disreputable but very profitable bank. Both are regularly entrusted with million-dollar trade positions; neither seems to have the slightest hint of ethics in how they use it. Either one could make our organisation very rich, if sold to the right bidder. Of course, we intend to sell both. Now, let's see how well the ladies manage to sell themselves to the buyers' representatives, shall we? If they want to get out of here, fetching a good price is the only way!

Hywel's note: I seem to have written a lot of stockbroker/billionaire/posh girl stories this month. I think it's because I've been reading books about the financial meltdown and feel like these people deserve a bit of punishment! Of course, the culprits were mostly men rather than women- so let's just imagine these stories are set in an alternative world where the sex ratio is reversed, shall we? :-)

I do struggle sometimes with writing stories. There's an inhibition which comes from putting into words what feels very fun and tongue in cheek to shoot on set when there is a gorgeous professional model or three ready and willing to find a fun and frisky idea to shoot. Writing it up afterwards is a more cold-blooded affair, more prone to making me second guess everything. I hope as a Restrained Elegance member you agree with our bondage philosophy that it's OK to play this sort of game for fun- so long as well all know that it is only OK because it is ONLY for fun. We people our stories with characters who would be horrible (indeed, criminal) in real life- kidnappers and manipulative billionaires and femme fatales and sexist scumbags and all sorts. It's OK to play them, because we are NOT them, I hope :-)

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