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Sophia Smith
VIDEO: Sophia - The Hypno-Security System

Prim and proper business-woman Sophia Smith is visiting her Department store to check out the new hypnosis-based security system. Try to leave the store with an item you haven't paid for and the system will make you drop everything you've stolen! It is time for the first live switch-on of the system - hopefully this will reduce the incidence of shoplifting!

Of course, Sophia always dresses herself from clothes she stocks in her store. From head to toe, she's clad in her own inventory (which of course she's already paid for). The only trouble is she didn't send the items though checkout... so as far as the hypno-security system is concerned, she mustn't leave the store with any of her clothes!

To add to her misery, the inland revenue are visiting today, and a documentary crew are here to make a film about her too!

26.26 minutes (857.5 MB zip)

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