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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Lexicon - One Leg Superman

This semi-suspension uses another variant of the one arm in front- one arm behind pose. The basic concept of a single raised leg can be done in a very simple form, as here, or in a more elaborate and supportive way for longer durations, as in Yoko Tzury (see below). Quite why it reminded Ariel of superman is a mystery, as we usually reserve that name for positions where one arm is extended in front in the classic 'superman flying' pose.>/p>

Ariel says: "'I feel like Superman!' I exclaimed with great excitement once I realised how I'd been tied. 'Except with only one leg. And a girl. Oh, and naked.' So maybe not all that much like Superman, but it was certainly super fun! Having my arms tied like this was completely new for me, and there's no point even trying to struggle in this position - there was just no movement possible for my arms at all. But I had great fun seeing what I could do with my legs; it's great, the combination of no mobility for part of your body, and absolutely loads for another part. "

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