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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Escaping The Haunted Hotel

Ariel is trapped in a haunted hotel- no matter which direction she tries to escape, the spirit that haunts this place entraps and entwines her in bondage to prevent her breaking free!

Hywel's note: I wanted to get a different feel to this set from the Haunted Hotel one (it is kind-of a sequel). So I went for a handheld, low light look, like something from a shock magazine of the 1950's. It kinda worked, in the sense that the shots do feel quite gritty and quite different from the first part of this storyline. But it did compromise the technical quality a bit compared with the normal RE style (especially on the full-sized versions). It's worth experimenting with looks and feels to stay fresh but I think in future I'd dial this back a bit to make sure I had the full crispness and bite of regular RE shots at full size as well as the shock-horror tabloid feeling.

59 pics 9.95 MB zip

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