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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Kidnapped!

She didn't know who they were or what they wanted or how they had found her. The night before she had heard the smooth purr of the Rolls Royce pulling up next to the cottage, the crunch of the gravel as they got out of the car. She assumed they must be staying at the cottage next door, but in the morning the car was the only evidence that anyone had been there at all.

It was pure luck that she happened to see the thuggish man with black hair lurking behind the oak in the back garden. She had already put her dress and hat on for the day, to go to the reading of Aunt Elizabeth's will. She spied the brute moving into position from the upstairs window when she dashed back upstairs to get a hat pin. No sooner had she absorbed the fact that there was a stranger in her garden than she was jolted by the rude knock knock knock on the front door.

She hesitated for a moment. Perhaps they were the police? The crash and tinkle of the glass of her front door dispelled that illusion? What on earth could she do?

Quick as a flash, she opened the window and jumped out onto the kitchen roof. The thug in the back garden spied her, but could do no more than roar and set off in pursuit as she leapt down onto the hedge and made a run for it into the woods...

She had run and run through the woods, the grass thick and heavy with the morning dew... she could hear the two men's footfalls pounding behind her, catching, always catching! Suddenly she wailed, realising that the path her feet left in the dew would lead them right to her! All she could try to do was out-run them... but she knew that she was slower than they. It was only a matter of time before they would have her...

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