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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel The Electrified Cage

6ft Slave-girl Ariel is forced into a tiny metal cage! It's so small she can't sit up straight and is forced to crouch, fully nude while her Master berates her for poor performance.

Though she protests whole-heartedly, he wires the cage to an electrical source which will deliver a painful electric shock to her naked flesh if she touches the bars! Though she tries her best to keep still, her torments her with a riding crop, which forces her back against the electrified cage-walls!

First she protests, then she sulks, and finally she apologises! But it's no good, her Master has no intention of finishing with her until he's sure the lesson has been learned...

Slave-Training Scenario, Electrical Torture, Fully Nude, Cage
7:00 minutes (25.9 MB zip)

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Price: $7.50 Per Zip File