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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Anderssen - Surprised by an Intruder

It was past midnight,and her husband was away...she was sleeping fitfully, missing his presence in the bed. She distinctly heard the crash and the tinkle of glass on the floor downstairs when the window smashed. Terrified, she lit a candle and crept down the stairs to investigateā€¦ The intruder had blindfolded her, gagged her, fondled her, tied her to a chair, run his strong hands all over her body, raising her to an involuntary state of arousal... he pulled down her dress and she heard him step away, his breathing heavy. She knew he was feasting his eyes upon her. She flinched as he stepped forward again... but he only pulled down her blindfold. Blinking in the light, for a moment her brain refused to accept the evidence of her own two eyes. For the intruder, the man who had done this to her... was her own husband!
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