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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Anderssen - Metal Self Bondage

He had definitely gone out. Positively, definitely gone to work. She'd heard the car tyres crunch down the long gravel driveway and heard the engine note fade into the distance on the main road. She was all alone. She had all day to herself. All day to wait until he came back. All day to indulge her favourite fantasy, the one she dared not share with him... of being made into a sex toy, a slave in shackles to be used and abused at the her Master's whim... The metal shackles were cold and heavy at her wrists and ankles. But as always, the fantasy felt incomplete without the cold steel of the Master's collar at her throat. She removed the pearls her husband had given her on their last wedding anniversary, not wanting to damage them with the cold steel of the collar she had bought secretly for herself. Putting the collar on was almost an orgasmic experience, as always. She so longed for a man to collar her, to make her his own slave slut! She kicked off her shoes and imagined what it would be like to be at the mercy of such a man. To have his strong hands grope her, roughly, pinching, pulling, not caressing, not caring, just taking... the bedpost now, straddle the bedpost, imagine it is him, that she is astride him, her Master... imagine him throwing her down onto her back, ready to take her, to claim her as his own.. She shivered, a foretaste of the throes of orgasm she knew was coming. She ran her hands down her body, imagining how it would feel if only the Master of her fantasies was here. Now the final surrender, the final detail of her favourite fantasy that always sent her over the edge into skyrocket O's of delerious orgasm. Now to padlock herself to the bed, to imagine him leaving her there, coldly, having taken his pleasure from her and caring not a jot what she did. Whether she brought herself to climax or not. The cold indifference of his manner excited her more than she could possibly say, far more than the heat of his passion when he had taken her. He saw her on the bed, about to bring herself to a shattering orgasm. He strode into the room, ready to finally fulfil her fantasies. Her husband? Her Master?

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