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The Elegance Network: Browsing Ariel Anderssen - Photo Tutorial: Bob H's idea
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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Anderssen - Photo Tutorial: Bob H's idea

Bob H's idea was more about the bondage than the look. He had in mind a fiendish escapology task- to shackle Ariel wrists to ankles, but crossed over rather than in the classic frogtie way. Then we'd leave the keys for Ariel and see if she could get out. (As you can see, she clearly couldn't. There's not enough give in steel to allow you to wriggle and get the keys anywhere close to the locks!) In fact the position was sufficiently strenuous that we changed it for the other three photographer's shots. The lighting here started off as a way of showing how warm areas (like skin) and cool areas (like silver blinds lit with a hint of blue) can be used to make things really 'pop'. I started setting up the lights with a very subtle blue behind, just enough to cool the silver colour down to more like a steel blue. When they looked at the first few samples (see the first few of Bob H's pics), they decided that the effect was perhaps a bit too subtle, so they got me to whap on a full-on blue gel and turn the light right up to give the blue glow you can see here. It is vital in this sort of mixed-colour environment to leave your white balance fixed- if you let the camera try it on automatic it'll make a complete hash of it. If you have a frontal light (here from a small softbox) which is your normal daylight white temperature (around 5600 K) you can just leave the camera set on daylight white balance and off you go.
Photos by Bob H, Frank, Merlin and Steve

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