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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's - Slave Training: Part Two - The long road home

Slave Training: Part Three

At the beginning of my first trip outside the studio as the Restrained Elegance Resident slavegirl, I'd felt hideously exposed - even when I was still safely inside Hywel's car. I was sure everyone could see me - my collar felt like a beacon, attracting interest everywhere we went. But the trials of being actually outside, amongst normal people who stared curiously at me and whom, I imagined, could see exactly what was going on.... in comparison, being back in the car felt marvellous! I got my breathing under control and looked forward to getting back to the relative safety of the studio.

I should really stop being so optimistic - especially where slave training is concerned! I realised that the jangling metal that Hywel was holding, which I'd assumed were keys, were in fact nipple clamps, and he meant to test my resolve by making me wear them all the way home! Nipple clamps are painful at the best of times; worn while being driven over speed bumps is just awful. I don't know if the experience proved anything to Hywel, but it certainly showed me how desperately I wanted to become the Resident slavegirl. I'd have loved to give up then and there, but just couldn't bear too. I gritted my teeth and hoped the journey wouldn't take long...



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