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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - It's No Yoke!

Imagine the scene: it is 10 am on the last day of our location trip to Northern France. We have to pack up today, and everybody is battered, bruised and exhausted from five days of shooting late into the night to get our video projects in the can.

You might think that even Ariel would have had enough of being tied up by this point.

You'd be wrong!

She bounced into the sitting room wearing this stunning satin dress, crimping her hair, doing big makeup and thinking of all the ways she could be tied up. In the end Kate and I gave in to the bouncing bondage bunny and slapped her in a steel yoke, then went around the corner to the cool stone corridor we hadn't yet shot in. A single light added some real punch to the fashion-style look of the images, and Ariel rubbed in some baby oil to bring a real sheen to her lovely skin. In the end it is one of the hottest sets we shot all year!

Many thanks to Kate for the photos and Ariel for the energy!

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