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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Frat boy's girl

All through High School she wanted to sate a college boy. The kids her own age just didn't interest her, somehow. She wanted someone who could dance, knew how to treat a girl, who could drink... all that good stuff. So when Brad asked her out, she was in seventh heaven. The first date was great, just soda and a burger at the diner, but then the ride back in his hot rod... mmmm!

So she just couldn't WAIT for the second date! He was going to take her to the fraternity house for a party! Apparently, it was some sort of jailhouse rock party, because he told her to wear something stripy, like it was a chain gang prisoner's outfit. She thought her fluncy stripy dress would fit the bill perfectly (and show off her legs, to boot!)

She was a bit puzzled when her said she shouldn't bother to bring shoes, as he was picking her up in his car and the grass at the frat house was nice and soft. But he'd really pulled out the stops and got her some handcuffs and leg irons to wear!

But... where were all the other girls at this party? And why was she the only one dressed like a convict and wearing leg irons? What WAS going on here with all these frat boys staring at her...?

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