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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - Wild Swedish Tree-Girl

Here's one of the most tricky sets I was involved with shooting while we were in Sweden. I can't remember whether it was Merlin's idea to tie me over the fallen tree, but I have a horrid feeling it was mine. I wanted to feel like a panther, I think, and hadn't really thought the bondage aspect of the set through very well. Between us, we decided I should be a wild girl who lived in a tree, and was tied up by a hunter who wanted to get on with his hunting un-hampered by a tree-dwelling predator. Which I think is totally fair enough. And I did very much enjoy snarling at poor Merlin as he took the test shots.

Alas, it was extremely difficult for him to actually do the rigging, since he had to climb up onto the tree too, and balance precariously over me while securing the knots. And it was only once this was done that I realised that being tied astride a tree is really, seriously, very painful. Tree bark is rough, my crotch really is quite sensitive (even through denim) and the rope made it impossible to shift my position enough to get comfortable. Then the battery on the flash died and I was left feeling really rather tortured, as Merlin hunted the surrounding woodland for the rest of the crew....

This wasn't meant to be a hard BDSM style set, but let me assure you, it was the most painful thing I shot while we were in Sweden. And knawing through nylon rope turns out to be impossible. I did start to ponder though, while I waited for someone to find a battery, whether it'd be a good position for being spanked in. I rather thought it would be. And then I remembered that in some historical institutions, girls were tied over special spanking 'horses' which would place them in a good position to be whipped, but with the added refinement of causing simultanious pain to their pussies... Which gave me lots to think about.


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