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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Poor Little Rich Girl

Ah, playing in the garden down on one of Daddy's farms. Did she really use to think there were fairies at the bottom of the garden? Or waas it just fun pretending to be one? The short summer dress she'd chosen brought it all back, though she was really far too old to dress like that any more. She didn't think it used to have quite the same leg-flashing effect when she was a girl!

Such a shame that Daddy's having to evict the farmer. Such a rude man, bringing the estate into disrepute that way! Apparently, he used to dare to LOOK at the ladies from the finishing college when they rode past! That will never do! Not like the lovely old chap she remembered from when she was a girl. He always rememebred to doff his cap and cast down his eyes! Not like this coarse common man they had now! She was so glad Daddy was going to get rid of him!

So... miss high and mighty is here giving everyone a good flash of inner thigh is she? And he gets bloody evicted for actually meeting the eyes of some stuck-up bint on a horse? Maybe Daddy should find out exactly what sort of things his daring daughter gets up to- and he was oh so sure she did! He'd seen the pictures! Ah, perfect- lying down for a little early evening cat-nap! Maybe he'd kidnap her and clap her in irons and take some pictures of his own to show exactly the sort of thing she got up to. And who knows, maybe sell a few on the internet? After all, it would be the first time she'd been photographed with her mouth full!

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