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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Minotaur Sacrifice

first read Mary Renault's fabulous 'The King Must Die' - based on the story of Theseus and the Minotour - when I was too young to really understand the whole story. But the idea of someone sacrificing themselves willingly to a monster definitely stuck with me - it just seemed so noble and tragic, and I couldn't imagine being brave enough to do it myself...

More recently, I've been fantasising a lot about being very brave (which I'm not) and noble (again, not so much). So I'd hoped to get a chance to shoot a human-sacrifice story while we were in Spain. I found something that looked very much like an alter in the garden of our villa, and asked Hywel if I could be an ancient Greek sacrifice. So here I am.

I like the idea that even though I'm willing to be sacrificed to the monster, that I still get tied up. And the gag and blindfold are added as a gesture of kindness so that no one will know if my nerve fails. Mmm, this set was really hot for me - especially once I was blindfolded, it was really easy to believe in the story I'd created for myself. I couldn't decide whether it'd be better if my life was to be the sacrifice, or perhaps my virginity. I really hope you enjoy the pictures, I had a fabulous time posing for them and I was so sorry when we finished the set.


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