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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: The Slutification of Ariel Anderssen

The ladies of the village didn't take too kindly to Ariel's wanton ways. Not only did she bring the village into disrepute with her noveau riche cars and floodlight castle gates, she kept wandering around the village in scandalously slutty outfits! The men of the village liked it very much indeed, but their wives were having none of it!

So one fine summer's afternoon the W.I. (Little Chellhampton) decided it needed a radical wing. The first mission- to string up and publicly humilate that dreadful slut, Ariel Anderssen! They surprised her in the castle gardens, tied her with rough hemp rope dangling from a tree... then completed her humiliation by hitching her satin dress up above her waist, tying it to another rope from the tree! And they would have stolen the little trollop's knickers to humilate her yet further... but she wasn't wearing any!

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