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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel's Bondage Dance

Happy New Year from all at Restrained Elegance!

A couple of years ago, Ariel made up a bondage dance which we shot as a video for the site. People seemed to like it, so following the suggestions of members on the forum I ordered her to make up a new dance, this time one where she would properly end up in bondage by the end of it.

Little did I know what a marathon task this would turn into, especially given the relatively short up-tempo track we chose for her to dance to. I've not seen choreography done from scratch before, and it is quite a painstaking process. And, as Ariel found out, quite a painful process if you don't watch what you are doing with the steel chains!

Rehearsing took weeks (obviously nothing like full time, as Ariel had to fit it in around her normal modelling work). Then we had to find a location- which Sheep from the forum very kindly got hold of for us. A nightclub seemed like the ideal setting! We wanted to make the most of it, so with Sheep's help we shot a few quick stills sets in the place, then settled down to spend the next six or seven hours filming the dance- all for a track that lasted less than two minutes!

We had to rig and re-rig the bondage, particularly the semi-suspension that turns into a full suspension and then a full suspension really high off the ground at the end. Everyone was absolutely exhausted by the end of the shoot, but we hoped we'd have enough footage to try to do Ariel's choreography justice in the edit.

Even the editing turned into a bit of a monster task, as I wanted to do a rough cut, then see what Ariel and Sheep thought. We ended up extending the run of the music track a bit to make more of the suspension at the end, which involved quite an extensive re-edit. We'd shot on no less than three different sorts of cameras, which presented lots of problems trying to make the footage look even. But I've finally finished, so we're proud to present- Ariel's Bondage Dance. With extra Bondage!

(And quite a bit of behind the scenes action as well!)

12.15 minutes (225.5 MB zip)

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