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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: The Yoke

Ariel Anderssen naked, yoked and clapped in leg irons.

Ariel's comment:Hmm, I remember when Hywel ordered this for me, I was really excited. But if you've not worn one, you wouldn't believe how heavy it is, and how tiring it is to wear! It's hard to keep your arms in that position for long, and you can't just relax and put all their weight on the yoke, because it'd hurt your wrists too much, and it'd also add to the pressure pushing down on your neck from all that heavy metal! The most comfortable thing you can really do while wearing one of these is to lie down on your back, but unfortunately what Hywel loves about this piece of equipment is that you can actually still do quite a lot (housework for example). It's just very difficult, and rather painful!

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