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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Rock and Roll!

Poor Ariel! She's ever such a fan of rock and roll, and she had no idea that when rock and roll musicians buy a Scottish castle, they are probably after some privacy! It was simply too exciting! Not only was she going to go on holiday on her own in the Easter vacation from University, an emancipated first for pretty much any of the few girls admitted into that august institution, but she would be vacationing in the very same little village where skiffle star turned new rock and roll legend Donnie Brannigan had his castle!

Of course she went to visit. Look, there through the windows- a piano! Possibly the very piano on which he wrote "Gamblin' Girl"! Maybe Mr. Brannigan himself would be at home, and she could leave her calling card (another emancipated first for any girl in the department!)

She never even considered that Mr. Brannigan might have hired a mean-spirited housekeeper and a burly security guard, or have left standing orders as to how any intruder, snooper or even over-excited star struck innocent girl fans should be treated if they attempted to violate the private grounds of his estate....

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