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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Propitiating the Cruel North Wind

Every year, on the last full moon of Autumn, before the return of the snows and storms, the tribe must sacrifice a virgin to appease the appetites of the cruel North Wind. The sacrifice is tethered before the advancing storm, and no flesh nor bone is ever found of them again, for the North Wind takes them to his great fortress in the Polar Skies to be his hand-maidens and serve him for the rest of time....

Ariel says: By day 5 of our trip to Norway, Katy and I were both very keen to try out ties that we hadn't been able to do yet. When we found this tree, we thought it was the perfect place. First I asked to do a suspension.

'No!' said Hywel and Steve.

'A semi-suspension?'


'Well then, can one of my legs be tied in the air, at least?'

So I finally got part of my wish - it doesn't look too tough, but it was certainly a challenging position to hold once my left foot started sliding around on the mossy tree-root!

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