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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel Lexicon: Bent Over A Chair

Ariel says: Ah, I do love this - one of my favourite BDSM sensations is being bent over furniture - I think it's probably because I like being spanked and caned so much, and this is one of my favourite positions for feeling helpless. I haven't been tied up like this very often, because bondage and spanking doesn't often happen at the same time when I'm at work, but I'm certainly a fan of this tie.

Hywel says: Ariel loves being bent over chairs so much that she thought we shouldn't use these photos- we should do the tie again, maybe two or three or four times until we'd got it absolutely perfect. Supposedly in order to improve the technical quality and the beauty of the pose. Cynical minds wonder whether it was more to do with getting tied in her favourite position a few more times!

We didn't shoot all that many photos of this position, so I'm putting it up today as a "double header" with the bent-over bamboo position.

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