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Ariel Anderssen
Hannah Claydon: Vampire Hunter

Something in rotten in the town of Market Ponsonby. People are disappearing. Cattle found torn apart. Cats gone missing. Dogs found a county away. It was all very perplexing, the authorities were utterly baffled. The only one who seemed to be taking any intiative was Miss Claydon, back down from Oxford for the summer. She had read Helsingus, studied in the forbidden section of the Bodliean, spoken with Blake and Harker. She recognised the signs.

She paced the boundaries of the parish, searching for where the beast might have made its lair. An abandoned barn? Too open to chinks of sunshine. The church crypt? The ground was still hallowed, the seals unbroken. Aha! The old Cholford place. A decaying mansion, a teetering folly, with extensive cellars? And fresh blood splatters on the cobble stones in the yard! She checked the sun. She had enough time. Better to challenge the beast now, ends its reign of terror...

Miss Claydon crept into the crypt. She was right! There it was! A female one, and strong by the look of it, lustrous from the fresh kills. Pistol in one hand, wooden stake in the other, she inched forward, tiptoeing on dainty heels to avoid altering the beast. It was still daylight, the fiend ought to be asleep...

It was then that Miss Claydon discovered how dreadfully wrong she was. The creatures eyes few open, dazing her with the power of its baleful stare. A hand shot out faster than thought, grasping and grappling her. She fought the creature, but it was to no avail. In moments, she was bound, kneeling like a supplicant, a position which greatly pleased the Queen of the Night.

The monster didn't speak. It merely watched, and hissed its amusement at Miss Claydon's desperate struggles. It could feel the latening hour, the gathering twilight, the immanence of night. Soon, it would feed. And soon, it would have a new lover/slave to join it in undeath....

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