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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Captured Saxon Princess

Ariel Anderssen is a Saxon princess, trying to escape from the Viking raiders who've set her village on fire. But she's not a match for their numbers; and soon she's securely restrained in steel, ready to be led off to a new life of slavery.

Ariel's note: 'During the shoot, this seemed like a really, terribly sad story. So I decided to try some proper method acting, rather than concentrating on what would look prettiest for the camera. I tried to put myself in the poor princess's position - about to leave her beloved home forever, in the company of the terrifying men who'd killed almost all the people she'd grown up with. It made me cry, and I was awfully pleased because I hoped this would create a fabulously realistic, gritty set. I've just looked at the pictures and realised you can't see the tears, and I look as though I'm just very very sulky. Back to 'model-style' acting, I think!

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