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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Back-to-life Frogtie

Ariel writes

One of the worst things I struggled with when I hurt my knee last year was that I stopped being able to kneel. As I'm sure you will appreciate, that's pretty damned inconvenient for a submissive. As I've gradually recovered, I've practised kneeling every day; only for a few seconds at first, but lately I've been able to do several minutes at a time. And as I've improved, the fantasy of being able to resume my role as a proper all singing, all dancing, all kneeling slave girl has grown in my mind.

I'm still a long way from fully recovered, but today marked a fantastic discovery; I was finally ready to attempt modelling in a frogtie again. What a relief. It feels like coming back to life as a bondage model. I do hope you enjoy the resultant photo set.

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