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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Front-Back Box Tie

We had previously only encountered this 'wraparound' concept done with metal, where two pairs of handcuffs were used to attach the wrists to the upper arm (just above the elbow) of the opposite arms. Here it is tied with rope. The construction uses the box tie as a foundation, but with one arm in front and the other behind. The box tie principle (that the hands cannot be moved substantially out of position because of the ropes around the upper arms) is used, but it backed up by the vertical ropes over the shoulders and crotch-rope, which are woven into the box tie to secure the whole edifice.

The integration of the rear hand into the tie is probably optional but we have not experimented extensively enough with variations on this theme to date to be able to satisfy the reader's natural desire for a fuller and more detailed evaluation of its merits, strengths and weaknesses. Clearly, further research is needed in this area and we will be approaching the usual learned societies for an extension of these studies in due course.

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