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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Hishi Fit

The basis of this tie is the harness tied around waist and upper thighs, which we refer to as a 'sit harness' based on the equipment of that same name used by our alpinist colleagues. (Illustrated in the first photograph). The principle is the same- the bulk of the weight is taken by the thigh loops, with the waist element providing security and some distribution of weight to the waist and/or hips in some orientations. This provides a comfortable and secure support capable of taking the subject's weight for a considerable time (especially if the rope bands are broad).

As with the climbing sit harness, the main danger of the simple sit harness is that if the subject were to become overly recumbent, she might become inverted or, at worst, slip out of the harness entirely. The usual climbing countermeasure is a full harness, where an additional linkage is provided at mid-chest to prevent falling backwards.

Here that linkage is provided by a chest harness integrated with a box tie, again used as a basic arm tie as in many Japanese-inspired forms; a Western alternative version might use a band of rope under the arms, secured by ropes passing over the shoulders. In the Western form, we would refer to it as a Full or Alpine Rope Harness, and it forms one of the most secure ways to suspend someone (and potentially also one of the most comfortable so long as sufficient turns of rope are used). In this Japanese-inspired form the pressure put on the arms may prove to be the limiting factor; we call this incarnation the 'hishi fit'.

Ariel says: "I believe the name of this tie is 'Hishi' but I thought it'd be a perfect way of tying up a diva who was having a hissy fit... It certainly became pretty tough once I was partially suspended, but all the lovely rope digging into me was still a wonderful feeling. "

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