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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: It's for your own good!

Don't be alarmed, madam. I'm on the staff. See, here is my identity badge. This is a rather special resort, as you know. We specialise in getting even the most recalcitrant clients to achieve their goals. Now usually, those goals are fitness-related. Sometimes the customer is the attendee, sometimes it is their coach who is paying and calls the shots.

In your case, as you are doubtless well aware, it is your husband who has paid for your vacation at our premises. And therefore it is he who is our customer, and he who is calling the shots. He has requested that we lay on an intensive program for you.

Don't look so incensed, madam. I'm sure you are correct that you are in very tip-top physical shape. All that tennis and so on, it must be so nice not having a job. Anyway, I digress. Your husband has booked our special obedience training course for wayward and disobedient wives. Oh. Very well, we will have to subdue you. Alphonse! Mercer! Tie the lady up while I prepare the instruments for this first session, please. Madam, I really advise you not to struggle so. It will do you no good, and will earn you a demerit before the new rules of your marital station have even been explained to you.

Now madam, that wasn't polite. Fortunately we all wear steel-toe-capped boots and cricket cups, so you have caused my colleague only passing discomfort. Now I am going to explain the new rules for your improvement and better fulfilment of your duties as a wife. And since you already have a demerit, I shall do so whilst you suffer with this pair of weighted nipple clamps. Perhaps that will serve to focus your mind?

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