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Ariel Anderssen
VIDEO: Ariel - Judicial Caning

We shot this film, originally a custom video, in December 2014.

When the customer commissioned it, it was legal for a UK producer to supply it to UK customers.

By the time it was edited, that was no longer the case, due to CRAZY new regulations attempting to censor the internet.

It is still legal for people in the UK to enjoy BDSM activities, it is legal to own films of it, it is legal to watch it, and it is legal for producers outside the UK to sell it to them. It's applying ignorant, prejudiced, out-moded, out-dated and sexist "R18" regulations drawn up by an unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic censorship board with no public input, no legal oversight, and no democratic debate.

Our friends Pandora Blake and Nimue Allen decided not to leave the country, self-censor or sell their sites to foreign nationals (all of which other UK producers have been doing since December). Instead they are staying and fighting, and they launched a fund-raiser for Backlash, the organisation which defends BDSM practitioners and producers. They raised more than 700% of their initial goal for the Backlash fighting fund.

We are so annoyed about this that we, with the support of the customer who originally commissioned it, offered to contribute this video to the cause. We promised that we would release it for free if the fund-raiser passed its stretch goals. It did. So here is the full glory of Ariel Anderssen/Amelia Jane Rutherford's judicial caning video for you to enjoy.

As we've decided to release this for free, unlike our regular videos we'd really like to encourage you to share this film as widely as possible. There is a link here to download the normal-sized MP4 version.

For members, we have uploaded a 1080p full HD version as well. We can't afford the bandwidth charges to host this for free download, but we'd be absolutely delighted if members could upload to their Fetlife/ Vimeo/Dropbox/whatever and spread the full HD version around as much as possible, too!

And if you'd like to help us fight the censorship of BDSM in the UK, please check out Backlash - the fundraiser has finished, but they can still accept our donations!

Best regards, Hywel and Ariel

20.45 minutes (670.5 MB zip)

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Price: $9.95 Per Zip File