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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Lady of the Lake (Documentary shoot for Kinky Britain)

When the Channel 4 documentary crew for "Kinky Britain" were with us, we suggested they could come along and film us as we shot some photos for Restrained Elegance. All TV is done on a hectic schedule, so they piled into my car (a Honda, not a Renault as the Guardian review of the programme rather bizarrely decided). We went up one of the local forest tracks and shot a very quick photoset with Ariel wearing the "Lady of the Lake" costume which I'd had commissioned from Falcieri Designs for a non-kinky short film we're making.

We didn't have time to take the usual RE location kit of battery flash units and umbrellas, and although I was brandishing a reflector in the programme one can't actually shoot with a reflector and take the photos yourself- you really need a crew (or at least a very stout stand and sandbags). So this is pure available light, and we were shooting to try to get good footage for the documentary crew rather than intending to get an actual RE update.

They turned out nicely though so we thought you might like to see them as a bonus update!

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