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Tillie: Sabotage!

It's just not fair. Not only is she the prettiest girl on the team, she also works the hardest and is the best gymnast. It's like she's an energy bunny- and so bloody perky! Nothing ever seems to wipe the smile off her face. An extra hour of practice? It'll be fun! Pull-ups and star-jumps? Come on every one, let's get fit!

So the rest of us decided to sabotage her. The heavy cuffs didn't really slow her down, of course. A bit uncertain for a few moments, but then she realised it was like extra loading on triceps and biceps and she was off. No, the only thing for it was to chain her to the damn vaulting horse and strip her naked, and leave her there for the caretaker to find at the end of the class!

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