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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel: Beetle Ball Tie

Ballties range in stringency and degree of immobilisation. This example, where a series of rope ladder style ties are used to wrap the whole of the subject's body into the balltie, is at the high end on the stringency and immobilisation scale, producing almost complete helplessness in the subject.

Note again the acceptance of asymmetry in the Japanese style, with one end of the rope secured around the toes and the other passing over one shoulder. In a Western tie to produce the same position, one would probably have wrapped around the ankles to produce a terminal cinched band to anchor one end and brought a second rope across the other shoulder to balance the design. This would be functionally unnecessary, but a more usual aesthetic for the Western style.

Ariel says: "I'm always a fan of ballties, but this one was an extra interesting experience, because it was so tight that I couldn't move myself into any different positions. When Hywel had finished photographing my upright, Dave had to lower me onto my side because there was no way I could do it for myself. I don't think I've ever felt so helpless in a balltie before! I told them I felt like a beetle, stuck on its back and unable to right itself... "

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