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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - The Oslo Case

Ariel Anderssen had lost the trail of Erik the Red's priceless archaeological artefact in the frozen north, where Bjorn Sigurdsson, henchmen of the dreaded Scarletti, had surprised her and stoeln a march on the whole expedition. Back down south, in Oslo, leads had surfaced to a meeting to be held in the forests outside the city. Perhaps Siguardsson was going to hand over the loot to Scarletti! Prudence dictated taking the Oslo police, but Anderssen had a sneaky feeling that Scarletti had an informer on the Oslo payroll and was taking no chances. She'd apprehend the villains herself!

Unfortunately for Miss Anderseen, Scarletti's payroll also extended to the city lowlives who had tipped her off. The meeting was a trap, and poor old Anderssen walked right into it!

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