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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Zoe Bound in her dressing gown

You know, this must have been one of the first ideas I ever wanted to shoot. It is really simple- a stunning woman, tied to the corner post of the bed with the belt from her elegant silk dressing gown. Why did I leave it so long? Looks stunning! OK, so there's no getting away from the fact that as strict bondage goes, it is a non-starter. I'm sure Zoe could have wriggled around and got herself free in a few minutes. Generally I do prefer my bondage a bit tighter! But then again, there's something to be said for playing out a fantasy with a willing lover, too... We were really both getting into it. Sure, the bondage was just a game, but it was still sweet to make her lie naked, hands tied to the bed... to tell her that she was a dirty little bitch, that she didn't deserve to sleep in the bed, that she was going to have to lie there all night... and maybe in the morning I'd fuck her before going to work, or maybe I wouldn't bother and I'd just leave her there all day...
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